The Skies Revolt

Обложка альбома The Skies RevoltThe (well traveled) Skies Revolt who just finished working with Motion City Soundtrack's Josh Cain and Justin Pierre bring a quirky blend of indie music, catchy electronics and aggressive blasts of sounds that along with has earned them a strong, growing following, and many positive national and international reviews. Described as "joyful indie-rock exuberance...they scramble and reset many of the genre's best elements into an exciting new sound...Over a driving, danceable stomp, the band delivers passionate gang vocals, buzzing guitars, industrial synths, and slightly off-kilter melodies that only make them more tenacious." Past: Known for their dynamic and energetic shows, The Skies Revolt has traveled from town to town playing small, crammed basements, large festivals and everything in between. They have toured creative, powering their vehicles with alternative fuels such as vegetable oil and self producing hydrogen assist. They have powered promotion with cardboard costumes and other creative means of gorilla promotion.
  • Трек: For Redemption
  • Исполнитель (артист): The Skies Revolt
  • Длительность 3:21
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Видео клип "The Skies Revolt - For Redemption"

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      The Skies RevoltTo Be Continued...Continued
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      The Skies RevoltThey Cry Out to Do Nothing
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      The Skies RevoltTo Be Continued...Continued
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      The Skies RevoltSingle...ish
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      The Skies RevoltFalse Glory and Praise
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      The Skies RevoltThe Gentlemens' Duel
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      The Skies RevoltEndure and Renew
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      The Skies RevoltThe Empire
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      The Skies RevoltGreen Dress: In A Sense
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      The Skies RevoltThe Great White Shark is a Racist
    • 2:58
      The Skies RevoltSingle
    • 2:47
      The Skies RevoltWe All Have to End
    • 1:06
      The Skies RevoltInterlude
    • 3:23
      The Skies RevoltThe Transitive Deficiency
    • 2:57
      The Skies RevoltSingle
    • 2:44
      The Skies RevoltShe's Telling the Truth or at Least She Thinks She Is
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      Blood RevoltMy Name In Blood Across The Sky
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      Blood RevoltMy Name In Blood Across The Sky
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      Tupac Shakur When There's Hopelessness, People Revolt (feat. Explosions in the Sky)
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      Revolt BGDSky above the Europe
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      Revolt BGD2 - Sky above the Europe
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      Energy lifeStar sky (Cut version) [People Revolt Records]
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      Revolt BGDSky Above The Europe
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      Revolt BGDSky Above The Europe
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      Revolt BGD Sky Above Europe
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      Revolt BGDSky Above The Europe (Ave Serbia)
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      +Revolt Motion Recordings - 2011 - Sampler Vol.119. Kalki & Erks Orion - Overcast Skies
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      [Правая-Сербия] Revolt BGDSky above the Europe